Triton Powers The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office

There is more to a Sheriff’s Office than just its officers and squad cars. Everything from mobile disaster response units to complex communications centers in remote locations all fall under the umbrella of a Sheriff’s Office. And all of these require dependable power needs from a trusted source. When the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) needed to power up these functions they turned to Triton Power for reliable mobile generators.

“Our office handles a lot of remote deployments like hurricanes and disasters in the field, sometimes for more than a week at a time,” said Raymond Carlson, Division Manager Radio Services for the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office. “We need mobile generator units to power up an entire command center mobile unit during disaster response and events. It is often difficult to rent them during a hurricane, for example, which is why we worked with Triton.”

The PBSO uses its Triton mobile generators on a variety of deployments that happen inside the community. But the mobile generators are also transportable and ready for service if the department is called upon to assist with an event or situation that takes place outside the community as well. The Triton mobile generator units have helped during hurricane response throughout Florida, and their quiet engines are helpful when they run for weeks at a time in close proximity to the communication units.

PBSO even used the Triton mobile generators during a Homeland Security operation that took place in conjunction with the National Guard. PBSO was proud to know its Triton mobile generators were able to power up the operation, including the National Guard’s needs.

The mobile generators are used for other community activities, in addition to disaster response. PBSO recently used one of its Triton mobile generators to assist a local non-profit organization when it held a community BBQ on Super Bowl Sunday. The mobile generators allow PBSO to assist these events by delivering reliable power to organizations that make a positive impact on the community.

Whether it is following a devastating hurricane or local event, PBSO and Triton offer confidence knowing dependable power is always available.

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