Planned Diesel Generator To Help Texas Airport

“Backup generators in the 1970s were not near[ly] as prevalent as they are today.”

That is a statement from Amarillo (Texas) city manager, Jarrett Atkinson, quoted recently in the Amarillo Globe-News. Mr. Atkinson was referring to the local airport’s plans to install a new diesel generator to supply backup power to one of the more heavily trafficked terminals. The airport did not install a diesel generator when the terminal was built thirty years ago. The additional power is needed to run a number of airport operations, from keeping the lights on and running baggage claim machines, to the airport’s security and air ventilation systems.

Security is of special concern given the heightened measures instituted at all U.S. airports following the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Baggage screening and passenger screening is ultra critical, and having reliable backup power to run these systems is not something that can be compromised.

Running the airport lights and runway lights is also a role the diesel generator may have to play, if called upon. The airport has experienced situations in the past when flights and passengers were delayed up to four hours as a result of power outages.

Aviation officials at the airport are hoping these delays are a thing of the past once the diesel generator is installed.

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Haiti Looks To Build Power Grid

All throughout the island nation of Haiti, power is still scarce following the devastating earthquake that leveled portions of the most populated areas just a few short years ago. In fact, there are plenty of areas where power still isn’t offered at all. And while the $4.5 billion in earthquake aid has offered some help in the way of rebuilding a power grid, backup power generators continue to be one of the island’s main sources of reliable power.

Other power sources have also started to come online, such as solar and wind power, which will also benefit the local economy by creating jobs. By and large, though, Haiti has a long road ahead in thinking about building a power grid that is more reliable than ones found in other Caribbean nations.

The opportunity for a power grid on Haiti is tempting to think about. But there are large obstacles in the way, causing backup power generators to remain one of the most viable and dependable options for power throughout the island. What’s more, mobile generator units offer the chance to create a reliable power source in different and remote locations of the island. These mobile generators have been instrumental in delivering much-needed power during the reconstruction process.

Haiti is just one example of nations that rely on backup power generators as a way of supplementing a shaky power grid. All throughout Latina America and the Caribbean, backup power generators serve great purpose in keeping nations alive.

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Americas Generators Becomes Platinum Preferred Supplier for Lockheed Martin

In many industries, on-time delivery and quality are the only barometers that count. Businesses can have the flashiest products in the world, but if they can’t get them shipped out on time and the quality just isn’t there, the whole operation suffers. Negative perception has taken down thousands of companies over the years.

Americas Generators is the opposite. It has quality backup generators and accessories products like automatic transfer switches, in stock and ready for immediate shipment to virtually any place in the world. And now, Lockheed Martin is proving just how reliable Americas Generators is. Lockheed Martin has named Americas Generators one of its Platinum Preferred Suppliers because it recently scored a perfect 100 percent in On Time Delivery and Quality Performance. When it comes to backup generators and automatic transfer switches, quality and reliability are the two most important characteristics.

Here is what Lockheed Martin had to say:

“As a member of the Lockheed Martin SOF CLSS family of suppliers, we want to thank you for your continued support of the Special Operations Forces-Support Activity (SOF-SA) and provide our assessment of your performance as a supplier in 2011 via the attached scorecard.

“The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) demands we supply our customers with top quality products/services to be in the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity, at the lowest possible cost. You are an integral part of this supply chain.”

Congratulations to the entire Americas Generators team on a job well done.

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Solar Storm Causes Power Outages

Is it possible for a solar storm to shake down the Earth’s power grid? It certainly did in late January. A massive solar storm spewing solar flares throughout space and towards Earth wreaked havoc on the planet’s electrical network. Many utilities reported a compromised power grid a result, leading to power outages for businesses in the northern and southern parts of the globe.

It doesn’t take extreme heat waves and icy temperatures to expose the power grid. As with many different forms of power outages, those businesses with backup power generators were insulated from the solar flares and the power outages.

“We’ve been in business many years and can’t recall a time when the sun actually caused this much problems for the power grid,” said Eric Johnston, CEO of Americas Generators. “We’ve been shipping out backup power generators of different sizes to businesses throughout the globe who are in need of insurance against power loss as quickly as possible.”

Triton Power carries a full line of commercial-grade backup power generators, as well as accessories such as trailers and automatic transfer switches. The company is able to ship immediately to business and locations throughout the world, many times within 24-48 hours of the order. This system ensures customers receive their generators as quickly as possible.

Although scientists expect the solar storm to subside in the coming weeks, it’s yet another reminder that Mother Nature can pull the plug on the power grid at any time. A dependable backup power generator is the best insurance against business downtime.

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Be Careful Of The Delta Stinger

In this month’s newsletter Brian Tienhaara, aka the Generator Doctor, talks about what’s called a Delta connection with Stinger leg output. Setting up, connecting and commissioning a generator looks like a very daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be if instructions are followed carefully. One type of generator wiring output that offers a little special care is the Delta connection 3-phase 240VAC w/stinger leg. A type of generator wiring configuration is the three-phase 480-volt (Hi-Wye) output. The neutral (center point) median of this output is set to 277 voltage across all three phases.

On a Delta output w/Stinger, though, this Neutral output voltage is different on one particular phase. This type of generator dictates two of the phases (neutral legs) are 120-volt output but on the third phase (neutral leg) is 208-volt. This type of generator is most used when a 3-phase output of less than 480-volt is required, such as a 240-volt AC motors. All Triton Power Delta configured generators are shipped with instructions clearly indicating this type of system, and the “Stinger” leg is marked accordingly. It’s important for users to be aware and make the proper connections because an improper connection may result in a dangerous electrical situation. More than one person has been stung to find burnt out equipment that was inadvertently attached to this 208vac leg. This is possibly where it got the name “Stinger.”

“Commissioning any generator is a crucial point for the user so we always want to make sure the installer has every bit of information they need for a successful installation and start-up,” said Brian Tienhaara, technician at Americas Generators.

Never allow an unqualified person install and commission your generator. It is of utmost importance to have a person(s) with technical training present when the equipment has its initial start-up performed. This will ensure your satisfaction with the equipment while maintaining the manufactures warranty.

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Candlestick Park Needed Candles During Football Game

One of the National Football League’s (NFL) most storied franchises and stadiums, Candlestick Park in San Francisco and home to the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers, endured two power outages a few weeks ago. During the Dec. 19th game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and host 49ers, a power outage right before the start of the game delayed the kickoff. A second power outage during the second quarter delayed the game even further.

Backup power generators, diesel generators and emergency generators have all been known to be a critical element of a large stadium’s power plan, as well as other large venues where recreation takes place. It is not known what kind of backup power generators or diesel generators are used at Candlestick Park, nor is it known if any where in use on Dec. 19 during the 49ers’ game versus the Steelers.

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), the utility for Northern California and the San Francisco Bay area, believes the power outage was caused by a blown transformer.

“We’ve seen malfunctioning transformers distress area power grids, affecting millions of homes and businesses plenty of times before,” said Eric Johnston, CEO of Triton Power. “Whether it’s a catastrophic event by Mother Nature, a brownout from a distressed power grid or a malfunctioning transformer, the best insurance against power loss will always be a dependable backup power generator.”

In true rivalry form, the stadium operations director for the Green Bay Packers told Sports Illustrated that a similar power outage couldn’t repeat itself at Lambeau Field. The power source is split between two different substations (connected by an automatic transfer switch). And if both fail the stadium is equipped with a reliable backup power generator.

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Grocery Store Loses Power; Customers Lose Deals

While it wasn’t during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, it’s still news that customers of a Dierbergs store lost out on deals because of a power outage. Dierbergs, a large grocery chain in Missouri, said it had a backup power generator on at the time but it was only powering the cold boxes and freezers. The store offered the deals a few days later.

We recently started running a series on the importance of backup power generators across different industries, such as data centers and restaurants. Grocery stores are no different. In fact, in some ways it is even more important for grocery stores to have backup generators, especially in the event of a national disaster or devastating weather. In 2005 when South Florida underwent a spate of eight hurricanes in 15 months, grocery stores and convenience stores changed their business policies (some admittedly because of statewide legislation) to include either backup generator units or transfer switch connections for generators in virtually all stores.

The situation is quite simple, really, people desperately need food, clothing and supplies following devastating weather. The easy thing is to look at generators and see how they help business stay up and running, safe, secure and profitable. But in some cases, having a backup generator makes you a good corporate citizen.

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The Generator Doctor’s December Tips

It’s no secret that millions of people love taking their new electronics out of the box immediately and pushing the start button without first reading the instructions. And since this is December and the holiday season, it seems this statement is quite appropriate.

But it may surprise you that this phenomenon happens plenty of times when customers get their generator, too. Sometimes it’s because they’re too eager and excited, while other times it’s admittedly to save a little money on hiring an electrical contractor for the hook-up. Either way, there are many times when this results in an unsuccessful start up, or worse, a highly dangerous outcome.

Brian Tienharra, expert technician at, aka The Generator Doctor, has a few tips to help users ensure a successful connection and start-up when receiving their generator.

1: Customers immediately start the generators and find that they’ve quickly run out of fuel. This is problematic because air can fill the fuel lines, which requires service for repair. The reason this happens is that generators are shipped without fuel in the tanks. While there may be a small amount of fuel in the engine (because every generator is tested before getting shipped), fuel tanks are not permitted to be shipped unless they’re empty. Users hook everything up, including the fuel tanks only to find that they run out of gas shortly thereafter.

2: Customers hook up the connections in reverse. All generators require specific connections between the generator unit and the utility (power source). Some users have errantly made the improper connections which can cause the generator to remain idle without starting. It’s important o read through the instructions and make the proper connections. Even the most seasoned electrical contractors have been known to make this error.

3: Familiarity with a different product. Some users and even electrical contractors are used to working with a specific brand of engine. For example, sometimes users are very accustomed to the connections of a John Deere model or engine, but unfamiliar with the connections on a Cummins brand. It’s almost like people who drive a Volkswagen know that the key inserts into the ignition on the dashboard, but the key goes into the neck of the steering column on a Chevy.

4: Improper exhaust placement. This particular area can cause great harm and even death. Unknowing users will sometimes place the generator exhaust output too close to the air intake area of the building or facility. Clearly this is dangerous because of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can result in death. It is always important to inspect the area where the generator will be placed. Some homeowners run into catastrophic results by placing their generator in their garage or too close to the home. The same goes for building or facility operators. The generator must be kept in a place where the exhaust will not interfere with the air intake for the building.

If you have a question for the Generator Doctor please submit to

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Triton Power Products On Showcase At POWER-GEN 2011

Power Modules
Sometimes businesses need a high level of supplemental power output for a project or location above and beyond the output of a Standby generator. For businesses in need of the industry’s largest and most dependable source of backup power, Triton Power offers its Power Module. Starting at 1,500 kW, Triton Power’s Power Modules are the industry’s largest and most dependable backup generator units mounted inside a semi-trailer truck and offering the complete package of versatility, mobility and immediate power output with optimal reliability.

From the world’s busiest and most expansive hospital facilities to large entertainment venues, Power Modules from Triton Power offer reliable power output when needed. And because the industrial-grade Power Module generator units are inside a semi-trailer truck, businesses and project managers can save tens of thousands in construction outfits and permitting for the job site or facility location.

Mobile Generators
Today’s businesses need the flexibility of increased or supplemental power output at a moment’s notice, in addition to the ability to mobilize reliable power systems when threatening weather or natural disasters occur. In both instances, the best insurance and protection against power loss is a mobile generator from Triton Power.

Built with the industry’s finest components and engines, Triton Power mobile generators give businesses the power they need without the need for expensive construction build-outs or permitting. Perfect for businesses in every industry, or generator resellers looking to offer a versatile power solution to clients, Triton Power mobile generators combine reliability, power performance and cost-savings for every application.

To ensure the very best in reliability, Triton Power carries a full line of mobile generators in stock, available for immediate shipment to all parts of the world complete with the industry’s most comprehensive line of accessories, like trailers, fuel tanks and transfer switches.

Standby Generators
Triton Power carries a complete stock of dependable, high quality Standby generators built with dependability and power needs for every business in mind. Standby generators from Triton Power are engineered with the best components available. A 100,000-square-foot warehouse carries a continuous supply of Triton Standby generators, ready for immediate shipment to anywhere in the world. And Triton Power carries a complete line of accessories, also in full stock, complimenting any Standby generator application for every business and giving Standby generator resellers the ability to provide their customer with a complete power solution.

Power loss for even just a short amount of time can mean thousands of dollars – if not more – in lost revenue to any business. Refrigerated items spoil, security systems fail, data is compromised and customers are turned away. Triton Power revolutionized the commercial Standby generator industry with the first Standby generators carried in stock and made available for immediate shipment to anywhere in the world, powerful enough to support your entire business without the cost of expensive configured systems.

EPA Generators
Built with the highest standards available, Triton Power EPA Generators provide optimum reliability that combines performance, versatility and superior air quality standards. Triton Power EPA Generators are built to live up to the company’s legacy of quality products based on innovation and value. With commitment at its core, Triton Power EPA Generators are built with dependability for every industry.

Known for its advanced engineering and clean-air technology, Triton EPA Generators have become synonymous with high-performance engines that aren’t harmful to the global ecology. EPA-approved generators combine the best of both worlds, providing reliable backup power to companies that operate with the highest level of corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship. What’s more, these customers can take advantage of Triton Power’s full line of EPA Generators in stock and available for immediate shipment to anywhere in the world.

Non-EPA Generators
Triton Power carries the industry’s largest inventory of Non-EPA Generators, in stock and available for immediate delivery. From 5 kW to 2000 kW in size, Triton Power’s Non-EPA Generators offer the most dependable source of backup power and emergency power, perfect for every application. Whether you’re in need of a high-performance backup power system, or just in need of keeping the lights turned on and security systems in place, Triton Power Non-EPA Generators are the right choice.

Businesses in virtually every industry utilize Triton Power Non-EPA Generators for a variety of uses. Each order comes with the option to be fulfilled with any number of Triton Power generator accessories, from fuel tanks and trailers to transfer switches that guarantee power up-time when needed.

Generator resellers can take advantage of Triton Power’s supreme fulfillment capabilities, with immediate shipment to anywhere in the world. The company’s 100,000-square-foot warehouse ensures generators of every size are stocked at all times and ready for shipment and delivery.

For information about any of these products call 800-434-0003.

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Backup Power Critical To Latest JD Power Study

A new study out by J.D. Power and Associates ranks the performance and reliability of telephone service companies and telephone service providers. Central to the issue is service disruption caused by local area power outages and how the companies effectively communicate to customers about the service repairs.

Backup power generators and diesel generators can’t do much in the way of helping companies with their means of communicating the down times and service repairs. However, backup power generators and diesel generators can do a lot to help offset the power outage, transfer the power source and help service providers’ lines stay up throughout the power outage.

Surprising no one, the harsh winter weather last year was a main reason why there were so many telephone service disruptions on record in many different areas of the U.S. The thinking here is that as power gets cut to the telephone service provider’s main power rooms, backup power generators and diesel generators should be mobilized and ready to immediately kick in to handle the loads so that customers feel disruptions on their end on a much more limited basis – if at all.

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