Hurricane Season – At Your Doorstep!

The 2012 Hurricane Season is set to kick off in less than a month. Are you ready? Experts are calling for a mild season with lower than average activity. But if there is one thing history has told us, it is that Mother Nature does not follow predictions and forecasts. A dependable backup power generator is truly the best and only insurance against power loss for any business.

The Weather Channel also came out with its preseason forecast for the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season and it is also calling for a below-average number of storms, with 11 named storms, 6 hurricanes and 2 major hurricanes (Category 3 or higher).

“Forecasting will always have a place in helping people and businesses prepare for weather events,” said Eric Johnston, CEO of Triton Power. “But the problem with forecasting is that there is still plenty of room for error. Businesses really need to look beyond the forecast and make sure their operations are properly protected against the possibility of power loss of any length.”

One major reason why people should be cautious with this year’s hurricane forecast is that the weather pattern during the past 6-8 months has been anything but predictable. An unseasonably massive snowstorm plowed through the Northeast in October followed by a very warm winter and capped off by another arctic blow in late April. Very few forecasts had this kind of pattern in mind entering as we came out of last summer.

Forecasts can’t provide insurance for a business if and when a storm of any magnitude knocks out power for any length of time. A backup power generator provides continuous power to a business, keeping the lights on, the air conditioned, data and security systems in place. Most importantly, though, a backup power generator keeps the cash register working during a power outage, no matter whether you’re a bricks and mortar or online operation.

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