Could Electric Cars Take Down The Power Grid?

It may be difficult to argue against the virtues and benefits of the movement toward electric vehicles. On the surface, these vehicles may reduce the global carbon footprint by reducing the amount of petroleum is used and burned through a vehicle’s engine.

But where will electric vehicles get their power from, if not from petroleum? Instead people will charge up their vehicles by plugging their cars into electrical outlets, some standard and some specially designed for vehicles. This energy will come from our nation’s power grid, and herein lies the interesting question. If one day (maybe soon) millions of people are charging their vehicles at the same time, how will that impact the current power grid, which has an infrastructure that doesn’t seem to be growing very quickly.

Ultimately, dependable backup power generators may be even more essential to the lifeblood of homeowners and business owners, as more stress is placed on an already weakened power grid due to excessive demand from the millions of data and information that is processed from mega computers, cloud computing and smart phones and tablet computers.

“A certain percentage of rolling brownouts already occur throughout various times of the year when there is too much strain placed on the power grid because of excessive air condition and heat use,” said Eric Johnston, CEO of Triton Power. “If you add in millions of people charging their electric vehicles to this equation you have a situation where these rolling brownouts could multiply in all parts of the country, even in developed countries.”

Backup power generators are used by companies and organizations of all sizes to protect against loss of power, whether from Mother Nature or man-made stresses on the power grid. Automatic transfer switches deliver an instant and immediate transfer of power from the grid to the backup power generator, ensuring constant up-time for critical business functions, like security, data and commerce.

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