Generator Doctor – Fuel Testing

Why is it important to test the fuel in your generator frequently?

Thermal expansion in your fuel tank will cause condensation to form in your tank. This happens with the fuel getting warm in the day and cooling at night. This condensation introduces water into the fuel. The water is a breeding ground for algae. The algae will feed on the diesel and cause fuel contamination. This contamination can be eliminated with a diesel fuel additive. Given enough time the fuel tank can also retain the moisture as water that will pose an operational threat to the generator’s engine. So it is necessary to have your tank checked annually to ensure that the water and algae levels are not going to cause operation problems for the generator.

What is a good level of frequency for fuel testing? Annually.

What can happen if the fuel is not tested properly? Can it damage other parts of the generator?

Contaminated fuel can clog your filters resulting in a loss of horsepower. Worst case scenario is that water is introduced to the injection pumps and injectors. This can cause irreparable damage to the fuel injection system and require the disassembly and repair/replacement to the internal parts. Depending on the size of the generator this could cost thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.

Do you need a specialist to test the fuel quality, if so, what is this process and who does it?

A common misconception is that diesel fuel will go “Bad”. Diesel fuel is not like gasoline which will varnish and lose potency. What can happen is diesel can become contaminated and require cleaning. This process is accomplished by running the diesel through centrifugal and paper filter elements to remove the dirt and water from the diesel. This process is known a “Polishing” the fuel. Once the polishing is completed the diesel is good as new. Contact your local Oil company that provides your fuel if they don’t offer this service they will have a vendor that provides the service to them.

How often do you see this problem occur with customers, and does it occur more frequently with a certain kind of customer?

Customers in tropical areas will have this problem more commonly due to the high moisture content in the air and the wide range of temperature variations. This problem can occur in any climate so annual testing of the fuel is recommended.

What’s your bottom-line advice on this issue? 

Have your service provider or local oil company come out annually and check your fuel tank for contamination. A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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Hurricane Andrew 20th Anniversary; White House Braces for 2012

At 5 a.m. on August 24th, 1992, Hurricane Andrew smashed into Miami and forever changed the landscape of South Florida. Andrew, a category-five monster packing winds well in excess of 125 mph, surprised everyone because 1992 was supposed to be a “below average” year, similar to 2012.

Instead, the storm caused between $23 billion and $37 billion in damage, and between 56 and 68 fatalities, making Andrew the costliest Atlantic hurricane to hit the United States up to that year. Businesses reeling from loss of power for weeks on end were closed and shuttered for long periods of time. Neighborhoods were without power for several weeks, and the storm drastically changed the way the U.S. currently prepares for a storm of that magnitude.

“Before Hurricane Andrew, people in Florida looked at hurricane preparedness differently,” said Eric Johnston, CEO of Triton Power. “When Andrew devastated the southern part of Florida, reliable backup power immediately became an annual ritual for businesses and homeowners entering each hurricane season, no matter what the experts predicted.”

Craig Fugate, Administrator of FEMA, briefed President Obama entering the 2012 Hurricane Season and, along with the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Government has pledged any support necessary in the event of a tragic storm. Mr. Fugate urges preparedness, though, and here is a link to help readers take the necessary precautions for this season.

Businesses are urged to make backup power an important step in the hurricane preparedness procedure. No matter the size of the business or building, Triton Power has the right backup power generator and appropriate accessories that can be immediately shipped to any location. Call Triton Power today to find out how they can help with your hurricane preparedness.

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Storms, Storms and More Storms

Thousands of people and businesses lost power throughout the Mid-Atlantic region during the first weekend of the 2012 Hurricane Season due to powerful storms that unleashed dangerous tornadoes. The storms and ensuing power loss left thousands in the dark, and businesses were left scrambling to find backup power generators to stay open and serve their communities.

If it seems like damaging storms have impacted areas outside regions inside the Gulf coast, that’s because Mother Nature isn’t discriminating against any one particular location. Snowstorms in the Northeast, tornadoes in the Midwest and torrential storms in the lower Mid-Atlantic states have all felt Mother Nature’s wrath in recent memory. The moral to the story is, getting reliable backup power is important in every corner of the globe.

“There is still a perception that only people in Florida, New Orleans and Texas need to be worried about hurricanes and the loss of power,” said Eric Johnston, CEO of Triton Power. “As we’ve all seen in recent memory, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We are all susceptible to power outages, and a reliable backup power generator remains the best insurance against loss of power.”

Even though hurricane season has arrived, Triton Power carries a full stock of commercial-grade diesel generators of every size. Every business, no matter geographic location, can still have a reliable backup power generator delivered in time to protect from the next storm or power outage. Backup power generators can be delivered to most parts of the world, shipping within a matter of hours after ordering.

In addition to reliable backup power generators, Triton Power also carries a full line of accessories ready for immediate shipment, such as fuel tanks, trailers, automatic transfer switches, and parts. Don’t delay and don’t wait for the next storm to roll through. Call Triton Power and be ready to defend against Mother Nature.

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Hurricane Season Officially Open

It’s official. The 2012 Hurricane Season is officially open, and boy has it started out with a bang. By the time June 1 rolled around – the formal start of Hurricane Season – there had already been two named storms for the season. So much for a light season, according to the pundits. If anything, the 2012 Hurricane Season is officially underscored by the need to be prepared, including having a reliable backup power generator as insurance against loss of power.

Most notably, Tropical Storm Beryl has already dumped plenty of rain on the Southeast coast, including Jacksonville and the lower Southern states such as South and North Carolina. Thousands of people were without power, including businesses with a need to remain open and operational. Dependable backup power generators are critical during this time of year, enabling businesses to keep the lights on and stay functional.

“In spite of the fact that Hurricane Season has started, Triton Power has a full stock of backup power generators in stock for immediate delivery,” said Eric Johnston, CEO of Triton Power. “The most important aspect is that businesses understand the importance of having the ability to remain operational no matter the elements outside.”

The experts who study hurricane patterns have said 2012 is predicted to be a mild season, even though two named storms have formed before the starting point. If anything, all of this should be digested knowing that previous years have seen devastating storms during years with light predictions. Hurricane Andrew, a category-5 monster hurricane that leveled South Florida, wreaked havoc on the region even though that year was supposed to be a lighter-than-normal season.

Don’t delay. Call Triton Power at 800-424-0007 to learn how you can protect your business during Hurricane Season.

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Global Power Update – India’s Struggles

At some point, the whole world knew this was inevitable. India is one of the world’s most emerging economies driven largely by an exploding population that has a deep thirst for technological development. While the country has exploded onto the global economic scene, the country now faces a daunting task of building and maintaining an electric infrastructure that can power all this development and growth.

The country tried taking the approach of building as many power plants as possible – many of them coal-based – the country now faces the task of finding fuel sources to feed all the power plants.

Needless to say, this has placed a large amount of stress on the ability to produce enough power for its domestic users. As such, many companies are turning to backup power generators as a reliable source of ongoing power to maintain operations.

The hidden danger over the last few years that’s finally starting to show its face is the fact that rolling blackouts have caused the country’s own economic engine to falter.

Dependable and readily available from Triton Power, backup power generators are used by many businesses in countries throughout the world. A great source of supplemental power for any application, Triton Power’s backup power generators are consistently in stock and available for shipment to virtually anywhere in the world.

“We’ve all heard about the importance of the global economy,” said Eric Johnston, CEO of Triton Power. “There is nothing more important in powering the global economy than reliable power itself. The only real insurance against power loss is that of a backup power generator that can run continuously in spite of rolling blackouts, in any part of the world and in any local economy.”


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Generator Dr. – Hurricane Safety

Here’s what our resident Generator Dr. offers this month regarding generator safety during Hurricane Season:

Fuel Quality: We sell primarily diesel generators and they can sit around for years. Fuel quality is important. In the winter it gets cooler and the day gets hotter so you can get moisture that builds up in these tanks, and that causes algae growth. There are treatments you can add to the tank that will eat the algae so you don’t have to clean it. The fuel doesn’t go bad it just gets dirty.

Sometimes people will get water in their tank. Also, check that there is no leak, causing there to be water in the tank. You may want a fuel company to come out and separate the fuel and then pump it back in the tank to polish the fuel and clean it.

Regular Starting: Unlike a car where most people start and drive their cars frequently, you start generators once a month. Even if you used it last year and it started up fine, it doesn’t mean the battery is still in good condition. A maintenance person can test the quality of the battery and make sure it’s up to standards. When you need the generator is the wrong time to test it.

Changing Your Filters: When you operate a generator you do so at a certain increment per hours. A standby unit you do it annually. The cartridges are made out of paper. After bout a year, fuel and oil filters start to degrade so it’s important to service and change out everything.

Do An Operation Test: Just because your car starts doesn’t mean it’s going to perform well. The same thing goes for a generator. You must put the building load on it to see how it’s really operating. At least once a month transfer the load from the building onto the generator, which is the only way to know the unit is operational.

Fuel Sourcing: If the power is out for a long period of time, where will you get your fuel from? When Hurricane Wilma came through South Florida nearly every fuel stations was shut down for five days. Fuel wasn’t readily available. Generally you want to have about a week’s worth of fuel on hand. Size the tanks accordingly and find out how much fuel you need to run the business for five days. When you buy something with a 300 or 400-gallon tank, get an account with the local fuel company, and whenever you need a refill you have an account from them for access.

For Installation: It’s important to do the start-up the right way. Don’t take chances. Triton power offers a start up service and it’s important that companies take advantage of this because the last thing you want is to install it and then fail to commission the unit correctly. You want your brand new generator to be ready to go if and when a storm hits. Ensure the person is knowledgeable for the start-up phase, not just the installation phase.

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Hurricane Season – At Your Doorstep!

The 2012 Hurricane Season is set to kick off in less than a month. Are you ready? Experts are calling for a mild season with lower than average activity. But if there is one thing history has told us, it is that Mother Nature does not follow predictions and forecasts. A dependable backup power generator is truly the best and only insurance against power loss for any business.

The Weather Channel also came out with its preseason forecast for the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season and it is also calling for a below-average number of storms, with 11 named storms, 6 hurricanes and 2 major hurricanes (Category 3 or higher).

“Forecasting will always have a place in helping people and businesses prepare for weather events,” said Eric Johnston, CEO of Triton Power. “But the problem with forecasting is that there is still plenty of room for error. Businesses really need to look beyond the forecast and make sure their operations are properly protected against the possibility of power loss of any length.”

One major reason why people should be cautious with this year’s hurricane forecast is that the weather pattern during the past 6-8 months has been anything but predictable. An unseasonably massive snowstorm plowed through the Northeast in October followed by a very warm winter and capped off by another arctic blow in late April. Very few forecasts had this kind of pattern in mind entering as we came out of last summer.

Forecasts can’t provide insurance for a business if and when a storm of any magnitude knocks out power for any length of time. A backup power generator provides continuous power to a business, keeping the lights on, the air conditioned, data and security systems in place. Most importantly, though, a backup power generator keeps the cash register working during a power outage, no matter whether you’re a bricks and mortar or online operation.

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Triton Powers The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office

There is more to a Sheriff’s Office than just its officers and squad cars. Everything from mobile disaster response units to complex communications centers in remote locations all fall under the umbrella of a Sheriff’s Office. And all of these require dependable power needs from a trusted source. When the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) needed to power up these functions they turned to Triton Power for reliable mobile generators.

“Our office handles a lot of remote deployments like hurricanes and disasters in the field, sometimes for more than a week at a time,” said Raymond Carlson, Division Manager Radio Services for the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office. “We need mobile generator units to power up an entire command center mobile unit during disaster response and events. It is often difficult to rent them during a hurricane, for example, which is why we worked with Triton.”

The PBSO uses its Triton mobile generators on a variety of deployments that happen inside the community. But the mobile generators are also transportable and ready for service if the department is called upon to assist with an event or situation that takes place outside the community as well. The Triton mobile generator units have helped during hurricane response throughout Florida, and their quiet engines are helpful when they run for weeks at a time in close proximity to the communication units.

PBSO even used the Triton mobile generators during a Homeland Security operation that took place in conjunction with the National Guard. PBSO was proud to know its Triton mobile generators were able to power up the operation, including the National Guard’s needs.

The mobile generators are used for other community activities, in addition to disaster response. PBSO recently used one of its Triton mobile generators to assist a local non-profit organization when it held a community BBQ on Super Bowl Sunday. The mobile generators allow PBSO to assist these events by delivering reliable power to organizations that make a positive impact on the community.

Whether it is following a devastating hurricane or local event, PBSO and Triton offer confidence knowing dependable power is always available.

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Could Electric Cars Take Down The Power Grid?

It may be difficult to argue against the virtues and benefits of the movement toward electric vehicles. On the surface, these vehicles may reduce the global carbon footprint by reducing the amount of petroleum is used and burned through a vehicle’s engine.

But where will electric vehicles get their power from, if not from petroleum? Instead people will charge up their vehicles by plugging their cars into electrical outlets, some standard and some specially designed for vehicles. This energy will come from our nation’s power grid, and herein lies the interesting question. If one day (maybe soon) millions of people are charging their vehicles at the same time, how will that impact the current power grid, which has an infrastructure that doesn’t seem to be growing very quickly.

Ultimately, dependable backup power generators may be even more essential to the lifeblood of homeowners and business owners, as more stress is placed on an already weakened power grid due to excessive demand from the millions of data and information that is processed from mega computers, cloud computing and smart phones and tablet computers.

“A certain percentage of rolling brownouts already occur throughout various times of the year when there is too much strain placed on the power grid because of excessive air condition and heat use,” said Eric Johnston, CEO of Triton Power. “If you add in millions of people charging their electric vehicles to this equation you have a situation where these rolling brownouts could multiply in all parts of the country, even in developed countries.”

Backup power generators are used by companies and organizations of all sizes to protect against loss of power, whether from Mother Nature or man-made stresses on the power grid. Automatic transfer switches deliver an instant and immediate transfer of power from the grid to the backup power generator, ensuring constant up-time for critical business functions, like security, data and commerce.

For more information visit

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Short Power Outages Just As Dangerous As Long Ones

When Hurricane Katrina rolled through New Orleans, lives were lost and power was out for more than a month. When a massive snowstorm hit the Northeast earlier this year, some customers were without power for weeks. These are two of the more drastic cases of power loss in recent memory. But make no mistake, even a loss of power for just an hour or two can do just as much damage today to any business.

Businesses in every industry are run by complex computer, data and security systems. A breach of power, even for a few minutes, gives intruders and hackers the ability to harm a business infrastructure severely. No doubt about it, being closed down for a few weeks is bad for business. But having your security compromised and data vulnerable because of loss of power for a few minutes can be damaging as well.

“Dependable energy and power is arguably as critical to a businesses operation as any other component,” said Eric Johnston, CEO of Triton Power. “The only true way to protect your business from power loss is to have a reliable backup power generator.”

And it doesn’t matter whether your business is considered B2B or B2C. Damage can be done to every business if the power is down and the lights are out for just a few minutes or hours.

Backup power generators are extremely effective because they are an immediate power source that can last for days and even weeks, during and after a power outage caused by accident, terrorist activity or natural disaster. With automatic transfer switches, the power source is immediately transferred over to the backup power generator, and your business never notices a difference. Data systems continue to run. Security systems stay intact. And, of course, e-commerce platforms remain operational, which is critical in today’s landscape when so many businesses are run from a website.

To learn more about how backup power generators can help your business, visit

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